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2:14 Legends of the Gita

A culturally delightful show that will both provoke questions and provide insightful answers

Link to join the Live Show today at 2:00 PM Eastern (1:45 PM Early Show)


As we approach the season of love and compassion, Bhakti Yoga Academy is bringing their 3rd annual cultural and 

spiritual festival, 2:14 Legends of the Gita directly to your home.

Join us virtually as the event is led by children of all ages, students of BYA, and certified practitioners with skits, performances, and thought provoking conversations about one’s purpose and identity.

The event will be held live on February 14th, 2021 at 2:00 PM Eastern on YouTube.


Join the conversation! 


Virtually Live on

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Kalahari (2019)


Mystical Trickster (2018)

Event Schedule

Eclipses and Waves
Dance: A theatrical performance about the permanence of change

The Big Questions skit: A dramatic skit showcasing everyday questions families face

Moats & Castles

Popular me skit: An endearing skit produced by teenagers about their obsession with

popularity and image.

Comic strip video: A fascinating story time for children and adults of all ages.
Fountain of Youth
The Song of Eternity


Thoughts provoked. Questions answered. Join the conversation.

FEB 14.


About BYA

Bhakti Yoga Academy is a community based spiritual organization which hopes to enrich every member’s knowledge on Indian spiritual traditions and works to magnify each individual's curiosity. Bhakti Yoga Academy is located in Atlanta, Georgia and hosts classes studying the Bhagavad Gita by certified practitioners. Additionally, Bhakti Yoga Academy regularly conducts spiritual events to celebrate the spiritual traditions of India. 


Kids Dancing (Mystical Trickster, 2018)

Roundtable Discussions

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